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Apple resurgence expected post-iPad

Apple resurgence expected post-iPad

With the media hype around the iPad's announcement having worn off, it seems that Apple investors are being forced to come to terms with a three per cent share price drop since the start of 2010.

It is believed that the biggest driver behind the dip in prices has been opportunists who sold their stock once it reached its peak as a result of the iPad's unveiling as well as the delayed launch of the iPhone on network operator Verizon in the USA.

In spite of this modestly grim news, Morgan Stanley believes that Apple's performance is about to improve significantly, with the iPad and the iPhone 4G making this possible.

The investment bank stated: "Investor anticipation of the next generation iPhone launch expected in June [...] will lower the total cost of ownership and introduce new innovative functionality."

Morgan Stanley believes that the next two months will be very important for Apple and the [iPhone 4G](/mobiles/deals/appleiphone4g/ "iPhone 4G2) could arrive hot on the heels of the iPad.

Some have been sceptical about the ability of the iPad to live up to expectations, but the iPhone 4G will doubtlessly sell in its millions.

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