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BlackBerrys get remote control

BlackBerrys get remote control

A new app for BlackBerry business phones allows users to control their handset and access its functions remotely.

The Remote Control app will let workers connect to a BlackBerry and see what is being displayed on its screen no matter how far they are from the phone.

They will then be able to control their smartphone over the internet without needing to physically interact with the mobile phone.

The intention is to allow IT departments to access the business BlackBerrys used by staff, giving them the opportunity to walk a user through a complex process step-by-step when they are out of the office or on a different floor.

Its developers hope that this will cut down on the amount of time it would normally take to explain something over the phone.

Ahmet Datoo of Zenprise said: "It's really challenging when you can't actually see the user's screen—and what compounds this problem is how many different interfaces there are.

"For instance, one of our customers has 8,000 BlackBerry devices and 85 different firmware versions. Every carrier has their own flavor of the smartphone."

Zenprise recognises that its Remote Control app is not entirely unique in its basic premise, but it does have the notable advantage that its app is fully compatible with existing BlackBerry enterprise systems.

Mr Datoo added: "When you think about supporting an end user, the device is probably the last thing you want to look at."

He went on to explain that narrowing down the various potential problems was necessary "before you get the customer on the phone".

Big businesses will be able to benefit from the Zenprise Remote Control service for BlackBerry, as it costs about £17 per user to set up if you have 1000 users connected to a centralised BlackBerry control service.

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