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  5. Call of Duty-inspired smartphones developed

Call of Duty-inspired smartphones developed

Call of Duty-inspired smartphones developed

High tech smartphones inspired by classic gaming titles Call of Duty are being developed for members of the UK's most elite fighting unit.

The smartphone technology will be integrated into the battle garb worn by the troops and will let teams of soldiers talk covertly as if they were shoulder to shoulder as well as detect enemies through walls.

Wi-Fi connectivity and voice activated controls will also be incorporated to make sure that there is no need to fiddle with buttons during a fire-fight.

The helmets worn by the troops will also come with displays linked to the smartphone technology. As well as hearing comrades, the soldiers will be able to see what is being said in the form of onscreen text.

Main command centres will be able to view and record precisely what soldiers are seeing thanks to live video streaming.

Scientist Simon Cotton told the Times: "It operates at millimetre-wave frequencies where we have huge expanses of available data bandwidth above two gigabits per second."

Compared to the speeds modern mobiles can achieve over Wi-Fi, this figure is staggering. High definition video, voice and text will all stream to and from soldiers simultaneously without any lag or drop-outs.

Because the new technology uses short-range signals, the enemy will be unable to detect or compromise broadcasts.

This will require troops to install portable linking antennas as they move forwards in order to stay in contact with one another.

Major-General Julian Thompson said: "Up to now much radio traffic is taken up with 'where are you and what are you doing?' messages.

"This technology will also help to reduce the [friendly fire] incidents of 'blue on blue'".

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