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HTC 'forewarned by Apple' over lawsuit

HTC 'forewarned by Apple' over lawsuit

Smartphone manufacturer HTC should have foreseen the recent lawsuit levelled against it by Apple, according to the authors of a new report.

Analyst Yair Reiner claims that Apple contacted multiple heads of rival mobile phone makers two months ago to state that there would be legal ramifications for any firm that was blatantly infringing on its iPhone-related patents.

Mr Reiner said that it was through conversations with industry insiders that he was able to ascertain this new information, although he did not go as far to highlight specific manufacturers by name.

Apple has been on the warpath for the last year, after acting head Tim Cook stated that the US manufacturer would no longer lie down and let rivals borrow from what it saw was its intellectual property.

Mr Reiner told finance magazine Fortune: "Rival software and hardware teams are going back to the drawing board to look for work-arounds.

"Lawyers are redoubling efforts to gauge potential defensive and offensive responses. And strategy teams are working to chart OS strategies that are better hedged."

The impact of Apple's threat was fairly significant, as many manufacturers held back multitouch capabilities until recently for fear of facing a lawsuit.

It is believed that although HTC is the only firm to have been confronted by Apple in the courts, there are many others who could potentially come under scrutiny for perceived infringements.

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