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  5. HTC Tattoo software update cancelled

HTC Tattoo software update cancelled

HTC Tattoo software update cancelled

HTC has refuted reports that its ageing HTC Tattoo is in line for an upgrade to a newer version of Google's Android phone operating system.

A French tech forum was the initial source of the rumours of an impending upgrade, with a statement from an alleged HTC insider saying that the manufacturer was working on an update that would bring the smartphone in line with Android Éclair, aka Android 2.0.

However, HTC has since got in contact with TechRadar to explain that this is not the case, with a spokesperson informing the site that there are "no plans to update the HTC Tattoo with Éclair".

With this new information from an official source, the original revelations are now downgraded to speculation or wishful thinking.

Some have said that since the rumours were started in France, it could just be that the UK is missing out on the update, although this viewpoint is unsubstantiated.

The HTC Tattoo is still a solid choice for those looking to get Android for a modest price and even the older versions of the platform perform well compared to some rivals.

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