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iPhone devs attack Apple T&Cs

iPhone devs attack Apple T&Cs

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has confronted iPhone manufacturer Apple for what it perceives are unfair terms and conditions for developers that produce software for the App Store.

After getting hold of the terms, to which all app developers must agree before Apple will offer their apps on the App Store, the EFF said: "Overall, the Agreement is a very one-sided contract, favoring Apple at every turn."

With more than 75 million Apple devices now offering support for apps there is a lot of interest in the market and mounting pressure on Apple to cut its developers a better deal.

EFF lawyer Mr von Lohmann claimed that the most puzzling clause of Apple's terms is the one which prevents developers from talking about the agreement in public.

This is an odd rule since the agreement was obtained without hindrance by the EFF when it used the Freedom of Information Act.

Mr von Lohmann also questioned regulations that prevented developers who used the SDK and whose apps had been rejected from selling their wares through competing app stores.

Of all the terms, the one with the most potential for outcry is that which says Apple is only liable to developers for up to £33 in the event that any suit or action is taken against the developer as the result of an app.

The EFF believes that Apple will not change the terms without being coerced and it urges developers and even customers of the App Store to contact the firm and let it know that the current deal being offered to developers is not considered to be fair or just.

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