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iPhone Final Fantasy sales rocket

iPhone Final Fantasy sales rocket

The iPhone edition of the classic NES RPG Final Fantasy has sailed to the top of the Apple App Store download charts with ease, knocking off the casual gaming phenomenon Plants vs Zombies to take the crown.

Given that Final Fantasy costs £5.49, it's impressive that a huge number of retro gaming fans and many newcomers have been willing to part with their cash for a chance to relive a piece of gaming history.

Both Final Fantasy 1 and 2 were launched last week, although sadly the sequel was less well received. However, once everyone plays through the first game, the second could make a comeback amongst those who enjoyed the experience and are hungry for more.

In second place is Monopoly, which has managed to push Plants vs Zombies into third place after it managed to break sales records during its first few days on the App Store.

The strong sales of games on the iPhone are allowing it to cement itself as a very important player in the gaming market and developers should now be falling over themselves to remake classic games and cash in on the demand.

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