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iPhone gets Digg

iPhone gets Digg

iPhone owners can now rate popular internet content on their mobiles and also see what else is making an impact online thanks to the launch of the official Digg app.

The first suggestions that a Digg app was on the way came at the end of 2009 and it has now arrived, with features that will allow great stories to float to the surface whilst others are voted out of existence.

The Digg app can be used to check up on comments made by other iPhone owners, as well as giving links to relevant stories of a similar nature.

Digg allows users to look for news stories that are both fun and eminently silly and in the pre-release screen shots that surfaced on Mashable, the example story was simply a picture of a small dog riding on the back of a larger one.

This had apparently met with the approval of nearly 2000 people.

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