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iPhone gets revamped TomTom app

iPhone gets revamped TomTom app

The latest version of the sat nav app from TomTom, which has added in several significant new features that could shape subsequent offerings from rivals, is now available for the iPhone.

TomTom for iPhone 1.3 is notable for its inclusion of the HD Traffic and Google Local Search functions. These are already available on the standalone sat nav units that TomTom produces, but are making their debut on the iPhone with this update.

Google Local Search lets users search for addresses, services and shops and then utilise the app to navigate to them.

The rejigged app can even get the phone number for destinations onscreen, with a single button press needd to make a call, and uses data accumulated from thousands of other drivers to help avoid major traffic jams.

Subscription to HD Traffic can be on a short or long-term basis, which gives potential buyers a chance to try it out and see if it is worth retaining.

TomTom 1.2 had support for music playback during navigation, but this has now been improved with 1.3 as the navigation instructions are made audible as playback fades up and down to make sure that users do not miss a turning.

TomTom has also brought pinch-to-zoom map manipulation to the latest version of its iPhone app, which will be welcomed by iPhone fans who are accustomed to using Google Maps.

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