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iPhone OS to offer multitasking?

iPhone OS to offer multitasking?

New information pulled from the latest iPhone software development kit (SDK) has hinted at the arrival of multi-tasking on Apple's popular smartphone platform.

The beta version of the SDK has been thoroughly explored by app developers, who have now discovered the existence of something called a 'multitasking dialog box'.

Sources close to Apple have also apparently revealed to AppleInsider that version 4.0 of the iPhone OS will give developers access to a "full-on solution" to multitasking.

This means that independently produced software will soon be able to work in a multi-tasking environment.

The purpose of multi-tasking on a mobile such as the iPhone would be to allow the user to have numerous applications open and active at the same time, just as on a desktop PC.

The user will then be able to switch between open apps at will, enhancing the productivity features of the phone.

So far, Apple has only made multi-tasking possible with its own apps and services for the iPhone, including iTunes.

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