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iPhone to get FIFA World Cup game

iPhone to get FIFA World Cup game

EA's 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa football game is landing on the iPhone in April, ahead of the start of the tournament in June, along with some Wii-style fitness titles.

A playable version of the game, which will also make it to the iPod Touch, was showcased at the GDC expo and will also be available on all of the major home consoles.

EA has also recently revealed that it intends to create a new range of games for the iPhone and the PlayStation 3 which focus on fitness and personal health.

The EA Sports Active series has already appeared on various consoles, complete with wacky accessories, but the sequel is getting an iPhone launch.

How the developer will apply the fitness formula to the iPhone is not yet known. A complete set of technology that includes a monitor to keep track of heart rate will feature in the retail console pack, but this kind of thing is not generally suitable for mobile users.

EA Sports Active 2.0 is set for a cross platform release in autumn 2010 and more details about the iPhone version are sure to crop up before then.

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