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iPhones getting Opera Mini?

iPhones getting Opera Mini?

The web page compressing Opera Mini browser is completed and is now awaiting Apple's approval before landing on the App Store, it has been confirmed.

Opera Software said that it has taken the "first big step towards giving users a new way to browse on the iPhone".

During the Mobile World Congress 2010 the attendees were able to see the pre-release edition of Opera Mini in operation on an iPhone and it was given a lot of positive publicity because of the increased browsing speeds.

However, there is a significant chance that Apple will not allow the Opera Mini app onto the App Store, because it will give iPhone owners an alternative to a key Apple product; namely the Safari browser.

Opera Software has already claimed that page load times will be reduced by a factor of six when using its app as opposed to Safari.

This is achieved because a remote server reduces the page sizes down by some 90 per cent. The result is a slicker mobile internet experience and reduced data usage costs.

Opera Software's Jon von Tetzchner said: "Opera has put every effort into creating a customised, stylised, feature-rich and highly responsive browser that masterfully combines iPhone capabilities with Opera's renowned web experience and the result is a high performing browser for the iPhone".

The fifth version of Opera Mini has made an appearance on the Android Market and its creator estimates that 50 million users get online with Opera around the world.

The process of gaining entrance into the App Store after submission can take weeks, so it could be the summer before any decision is reached by Apple.

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