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  5. LG Viewty GT400 brings HD to the mainstream

LG Viewty GT400 brings HD to the mainstream

LG Viewty GT400 brings HD to the mainstream

The original LG Viewty KU900 brought slow-mo video shooting to the mass market and now LG is set to repeat the trick with the launch of the Viewty GT400, which will capture video in high definition.

Snapped by Portable Gear, the GT400 will have a five megapixel sensor for capturing still images, but its killer app will be its 720 frames per second video recording capabilities, which will make for a powerful photographic package.

Although LG has announced that the GT400 will support HD recording, there is no information about the all-important frame rate at which the video will be captured in this high resolution. Happily, the manufacturer is not known for withholding details for too long.

Other technical specifications are equally thin on the ground, although it is known that the next in the Viewty family will have a three-inch touchscreen display which matches up to its predecessors.

In terms of pricing, observers are expecting the GT400 to go on sale for about £100, which would allow it to undercut stand-alone digital camcorders such as the Flip HD. LG showcased the GT400 alongside several other new launches at the CeBIT 2010 expo.

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