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Nokia N8 smartphone emerges online

 Nokia N8 smartphone emerges online

Nokia is rumoured to be planning a brand new smartphone launch for the summer and interest is hotting up after images of the N8 mobile turned up on a tech site.

Despite the low-quality of the snaps, it is clear that the Nokia N8 will have a large touchscreen display, allegedly around 3.5 inches across and using capacitive technology similar to that seen on the Nokia X6.

The back of the phone has a protruding camera with a Carl Zeiss lens and a 12 megapixel sensor.

The rear camera benefits from a Xenon flash and 3G video calling will be possible thanks to a front-facing VGA secondary camera.

Observers believe that the N8 will be one of the first smartphones to use the upcoming Symbian3 operating system and, according to Slashgear, the screen could even be a four-inch monster similar to that of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

The latest pictures of the N8 are almost certainly real, as the phone is branded with all of Nokia's key logos. However, it could be a prototype version, as there is a lack of polish to its design and materials.

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