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  5. Nokia patents automatic phone charging

Nokia patents automatic phone charging

Nokia patents automatic phone charging

Nokia's researchers has moved towards patenting new technology that will allow mobiles to draw energy from freely available radio waves.

As well as charging wirelessly, future Nokia smartphones could automatically top-up from the user's movements, relying on the kinetic energy generated by walking and fidgeting to keep a mobile battery charged.

A patent application filed in the US would allow the Finnish handset giant to develop a mobile phone that never needs to be recharged from the mains without fear of the competition catching up in the meantime.

According to mobile tech site Symbian Freak, the potential for such a technology could be significant, allowing for phone ownership to be cheaper and to come with less of an environmental impact.

Portable devices of all kinds could eventually come with Nokia's intelligent charging technology.

The basic principle behind the use of kinetic electricity generation in mobile phones will involve suspending the weightier hardware on rails within the casing.

Strips of electricity-generating crystals will produce power as the components move, compressing them and allowing the user to charge their phone as they take a stroll.

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