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Nokia hit with navigation complaint

Nokia hit with navigation complaint

Nokia's acquisition of navigation firm Navteq and the Finnish manufacturing giant's subsequent launch of free turn-by-turn navigation software has been heavily criticised by a customer of the defunct Nav4All.

According to the complainant, Nokia drove Nav4All and other free navigation providers into obscurity with its purchase of Navteq.

This is because the smaller firms were no longer given access to the mapping data accumulated by Navteq, following the takeover.

In January 2009 an EU investigation found that Nokia's control of Navteq could result in the marginalisation of rivals, but the conclusion reached by the investigators was that the financial ramifications of such an eventuality would not be sustainable for Nokia.

However, the complainant says that the investigation only considered this in relation to Nokia's mobile manufacturing rivals and that it was carried out at a time when Nokia's influence in GPS mapping was not considered significant.

Neither Nokia or Navteq have responded to the claims publicly, but there is growing circumstantial evidence that the partnership may have driven smaller navigation firms into administration with little warning.

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