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Nokia N8 details slip out

Nokia N8 details slip out

The Nokia N8 has allegedly been confirmed for release in an official missive from Nokia.

In amongst a seemingly meaningless string of information the N8 is mentioned directly in a memo uncovered by NokNok.

According to the fansite, the N8 could well sport a 3.5 inch screen. A touchscreen is also listed in the leaked note, but there is no mention of a QWERTY keyboard, suggesting that contrary to some rumours this will be absent from the handset.

It is hoped that the N8 will use capacitive touchscreen technology similar to that of the Nokia X6 music phone.

The document confirms that Symbian 3 will be the N8 operating system, which correlates with other speculation circulating recently.

Connectivity options are also listed, with Wi-Fi, GPS and HSDPA all present and correct.

Nokia will be looking to entice the mainstream with its next generation N Series smartphone, although it will be no doubt looking for some critical acclaim too after the N97 and its Mini variant were not as well received as hoped amongst industry experts.

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