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  5. Nokia Ovi Store interface overhauled

Nokia Ovi Store interface overhauled

Nokia Ovi Store interface overhauled

Nokia has updated the Ovi Store's interface for mobile and PC users in an attempt to make it easier to use and smoother during operation.

The main change is the option to select the Nokia phone for which users are looking for compatible content and then browse uninterrupted.

Previously shoppers had to enter the phone number of their mobile and confirm that they were the owner.

An Ovi account is still necessary for downloading apps or themes, but the changes mean that users will spend less time messing around in menus before they are able to get down to shopping for software.

Nokia has also taken the eminently sensible step of expanding its star rating system for user reviews, replacing the restrictive 3 stars of the past with the more helpful 5 star arrangement.

Each person who reviews an app will also reveal the Nokia mobile phone from which they accessed the app, which means that Nokia customers will get a better idea as to the experience they will encounter.

Version 1.06 of Nokia's Ovi Store is currently compatible with a number of key Nokia smartphones, although some are reporting that flagship mobiles such as the Nokia 5800 and Nokia X6 have yet to receive the update.

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