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RIM launches push app update tools

RIM launches push app update tools

Software developers that build apps for the BlackBerry platform can now apply updates to their products automatically and instantly thanks to a new push update service from Research in Motion (RIM).

Widgets and apps based on the Java platform can now be augmented with a stream of constant information delivered in real-time.

This will allow developers to integrate news feeds and other live additions to make their apps more functional.

The idea of push updates is not a new one, but it is the first time that BlackBerry developers of all sizes will be able to access it, as the basic BlackBerry Push Essentials package is free for anyone to use.

There is a paid-for alternative, which is useful for apps which will require high push volumes each day.

This will probably be better for the major developers, whilst the basic option will level the playing field for start-ups.

A statement from RIM: "The BlackBerry Push Service enables developers to easily develop Java applications or web widgets that leverage RIM's push technology either through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (for enterprises) or BlackBerry Internet Service infrastructure (for consumers), so that content providers can reliably push images, text, or audio content to millions of BlackBerry devices at once."

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