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Samsung Jet Ultra coming to O2

Samsung Jet Ultra coming to O2

The launch of the Samsung Jet Ultra in the UK will be handled exclusively by network provider O2, after it secured a deal which makes the smartphone a unique part of its product range.

The Jet Ultra is also known as the GT-S8000 and with built-in iPlayer compatibility for catch-up TV, it will be a capable multimedia entertainment device.

Connectivity is provided by 3G and Wi-Fi, so streaming should be fairly smooth in most locations.

The 3.1 inch screen uses the same OLED technology sported by the original Jet and it has the same 800MHz processor that was raved about in the adverts promoting the standard version.

Samsung's proprietary TouchWIZ operating system provides the Jet Ultra with a solid platform for networking and touchscreen interactivity.

The Jet Ultra is a relatively cheap way to get into the smartphone market, as O2 will be providing it free of charge to anyone signing up for an 18 month contract with monthly payments of £20.

The first 10,000 people who pick up the Jet Ultra will get a bundle of three classic mobster movies on DVD, which includes Scarface, Casino and American Gangster.

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