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  5. Smartphone ownership to hit one billion

Smartphone ownership to hit one billion

Smartphone ownership to hit one billion

Analysts at Parks Associates have estimated that the growing popularity of smartphone technology amongst mainstream consumers will see advanced mobiles in over one billion pockets by 2014.

Social networking and simplified interfaces are making smartphones more appealing to a broader market and the younger demographic which currently buys into the technology will be joined by many others in the future, the group predicts.

Parks Associates' Harry Wang said: "The diffusion of smartphones is accelerating, [and] as the base grows, users are becoming more heterogeneous in needs and use".

In view of this trend, he urged network providers to take up low end smartphones and maximise their ability to profit from the surge in the popularity of the smartphone industry.

Those who are more interested in top-of-the-line technology will not be excluded by the expanding smartphone ranges offered by providers, Mr Wang anticipates, as it will be essential to cover all sections of the market

This latest report can be taken in conjunction with other recent studies which show that touchscreen technology is also growing exponentially - something that was highlighted by a Canalys paper published in February.

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