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Tories launch iPhone app

Tories launch iPhone app

The Conservative Party has put its name to a new iPhone app that allows you to check up on voting trends based on the latest polls and also learn a little more about the party's policies.

The General Election app is intended to be a free tool to help staunch supporters of the Conservatives when they are out canvassing. It even allows the user to supply information regarding voting intentions to the party HQ for further analysis.

Most people will be interested in the policy information to which the app will give access, as in recent months the party has been criticised by its rivals for lacking a clear ideological stance.

The app will allow Tory supporters to access clear details about hot topics including health and education, along with other policy matters such as those concerning sport and media.

It also supports social networking behemoths Facebook and Twitter and forms a small part of a larger digital campaign which the Conservatives are running in the lead up to the general election.

Conservative spokesperson Jeremy Hunt claimed that the Tories are "the only party that [have] fully embraced new technology in the run up to the General Election".

A quirky feature of the app is its swingometer, which uses the motion-sensitive controls of the iPhone to show how much impact a 20 per cent swing in favour of the Conservatives would have on the results of the election.

Labour has responded by announcing that its own iPhone app is days or weeks from launch, although its form and function could be very different from that of its main rivals.

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