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Touch Pro3 on the way from HTC

Touch Pro3 on the way from HTC

Murmurings online suggest that HTC could be adding to the Windows Mobile-based Touch Pro smartphone series to make it a trilogy, with the Touch Pro3 on the way in the third quarter of 2010.

Windows Mobile 6.5 has a track record as a slightly clunky operating system when used in conjunction with touchscreen smartphones, although HTC has been able to wrangle it around to a certain degree with its own interfaces in the past.

There is little doubt amongst observers that the HTC Touch Pro3 will arrive with WinMo 6.5 onboard, since Windows Phone 7 Series is probably going to appear in early 2011.

Sources within mobile distribution industry started the rumours on the XDA-developer forums, saying that the initial orders for the HTC Touch Pro 3 would be taken in the summer for a release in the early autumn.

In order to make the Touch Pro3 future-proof, it is believed that HTC will make sure its minimum requirements meet those laid down by Microsoft for Windows Phone 7 compatibility.

This means it should had a multitouch sensitive screen and a 1GHz processor.

HTC has been known to upgrade its smartphones with new software over the air after launch and this will hopefully be the route taken with the Touch Pro3.

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