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Adobe cans iPhone Flash plans

Adobe cans iPhone Flash plans

Adobe has revealed that it will no longer be working on creating applications based on its Flash platform for Apple's iPhone.

Earlier this month an update to Apple's developer agreement made it far more difficult for third-party development tools, such as Flash, to be used in the creation of apps for the iPhone.

Industry watchers saw Apple's move as a direct affront to Adobe's planned integration of Flash with the iPhone.

Adobe's Mike Chambers has now disclosed that his firm is "not currently planning any additional investments in that feature".

Mr Chambers made clear that Adobe's willingness to develop its products for a multitude of platforms was in opposition to the dictatorial measures that Apple has put in place to keep the iPhone a closed-off, singular platform for software development.

Adobe is now said to be putting all of its work into creating Android-based apps and products and is partnering with Google to ensure that its technologies are integrated into the framework of the Android platform in the future.

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