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BlackBerry 9800 due to debut soon?

BlackBerry 9800 due to debut soon?

BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) looks set to launch the 9800 and the BlackBerry operating system (OS) version 6.0 imminently.

The 9800 is said to sport a full QWERTY keypad hidden underneath the top half of the phone with a slider mechanism and has been captured in leaked pictures in recent weeks.

Now RIM's website has been seen to mention the 9800, leading many to believe that its launch could be just days away.

A document discovered on the official site by CrackBerry refers directly to the BlackBerry 9800 and says that it will have a native resolution of 360x480, potentially pointing towards a widescreen display.

The document also divulges information about the 'RIM OS 6.0', which is believed to be the updated platform that will power future additions to the BlackBerry smartphone range.

The 9800 is set to offer wireless N connectivity, 3G and a host of multimedia formats for mobile entertainment.

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