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BlackBerry OS 6.0 showcased

BlackBerry OS 6.0 showcased

The sixth version of the BlackBerry operating system (OS) has been demonstrated to the media by Research in Motion (RIM).

Watch the new OS in action below

The updated platform is designed to be far more suitable for use with touchscreen smartphones, which has been a notable weakness for the Canadian manufacturer.

RIM has also made clear that there will be a new focus on simplified multitasking, with the platform making app switching far easier than before.

The BlackBerry OS 6.0 now has a function-switching hub that lets users jump between the homescreen and a variety of other features, as well as allowing them to monitor the various inbound and outgoing communications.

RIM is allegedly bringing touchscreens to all of its next generation smartphones. At the moment only the Storm 9500 and Storm2 have this feature, but even the full QWERTY mobiles will have a hybrid interface that brings in the touchscreen, which should appease critics.

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