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  5. Editor's home raided after iPhone 4G leak

Editor's home raided after iPhone 4G leak

Editor's home raided after iPhone 4G leak

The editor of tech site Gizmodo's home has been raided by San Monteo police investigating the case of the lost iPhone 4G.

Several of Jason Chen's computers were taken during the raid and their hard drives will presumably be scoured to provide the police with further information into what some are classifying as the theft of the iPhone 4G prototype.

"The officers had a computer and were cataloguing all the items they took from my house. They told me they were here for a few hours already and had to break the front door open because I wasn't at home," said Mr Chen in an interview with AFP.

Gizmodo claims that it had not been told by its publisher that the iPhone prototype, which was bought for thousands of dollars, could be considered to be a stolen item.

The site also says that once Apple had got in contact to request the return of the iPhone 4G, it complied with haste.

Gizmodo entered the top 200 websites in the world as a result of its mainstream exposure afforded by the exclusive iPhone 4G prototype articles.

However, Nick Denton, who founded the site, has said that Gizmodo has not generated any income from the scoop.

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