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Free Google navigation to hit iPhone?

Free Google navigation to hit iPhone?

Google could be offering its free navigation app to iPhone users in the future, in a development that could make the iPhone comparable to standalone sat nav devices.

Google Maps Navigation has been available on Android smartphones in the US for a few months and has only just made it across the pond to the UK.

Now Google's Steve Lee has said that the firm is "evaluating other platforms" and specifically named Apple's smartphones as potential recipients of its software.

Mr Lee told Tech Radar: "We're always evaluating other platforms for Google Maps Navigation. Google Maps is the application that has the most breadth on other platforms - Windows Mobile, iPhone, J2ME phones, but Google Maps Navigation requires higher capabilities."

The obvious problem here would be whether Apple would allow the Google Maps Navigation app to be offered on the iPhone and Mr Lee would not be drawn on this topic.

He added: "We're close partners with Apple, but we can't comment on the ifs and whens [of any such deal].

"But it's hard to say we'd never license our services to anyone, because at the end of the day we're a search and ads company."

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