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HTC asks users to name new mobile

HTC asks users to name new mobile

HTC is looking to the general public in order to find a name for a brand new mobile phone and it is using a Facebook poll to assess the thoughts of the masses.

HTC says that the new phone will be 'full of youth' and it is using this as the inspiration behind the potential names.

Other than this minimal information there is nothing concrete regarding how the phone will operate or even what it will look like.

HTC is not giving users complete control over the naming process, as they can choose from four different names; the HTC Jovi, Zeal, Wildfire or Festi.

It would have been nice to see a little more freedom, as these names are not immediately as interesting as you might expect.

HTC has a penchant for giving its handsets some rather obtuse titles and the recent HTC Desire and HTC Legend are hardly modest names for mobiles. If you are at all interested in the naming process then check out the relevant Facebook group.

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