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HTC phones sales projections hit 4.5m

HTC phones sales projections hit 4.5m

HTC smartphone sales are set to hit 4.5 million for the first second quarter of this year, it has been predicated.

It was estimated that HTC would sell about 3.5 million in the first three months of 2010.

However the arrival of four new smartphones in the next month or so are expected to significantly boost sales over the ensuing pre-summer period to a new quarterly record for the company, the Commercial Times reports.

The HTC Desire, Incredible, Mini HD and Legend are all on their way and the first three all sport the 1GHz powerhouse processor from Qualcomm.

The growing popularity of HTC is not seen as surprising by most industry observers, as it increasingly shows signs of becoming a mas market player in the mobile phone sector.

The Nexus One and the Google Android platform have allowed it to extend its market share and enhance consumer awareness of its brand, particularly in western markets where platforms such as Windows Mobile and Symbian used to be dominant.

HTC will have to work hard to live up to these latest predictions, but with network providers fighting over who is going to launch the various new handsets first, the 4.5 million mark might be met sooner rather than later.

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