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  5. HTC to patent anti-shake technology

HTC to patent anti-shake technology

HTC to patent anti-shake technology

Smartphone manufacturer HTC has applied for a patent that will allow it to produce mobile phones which can automatically adjust the screen to compensate for vibrations.

The patent is attempting to cover: "A mobile electronic device, comprising: a screen; a video display module, coupled to the screen for playing a video in the screen; and a sensor, coupled to the video display module for detecting an acceleration variance of the mobile electronic device, wherein the video display module adjusts a display area of the video displayed on the screen according to the acceleration variance."

This technology will essentially allow mobile phones to minutely adjust the position of the on-screen image during video playback, making viewing whilst on the move a far more pleasant experience, according to

The application comes as HTC is facing a high-profile lawsuit that alleges that multi-touch technology used in the Android smartphones, such as the HTC Desire and Legend, infringes on innovations patented by Apple for use in the iPhone.

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