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iPhone 4G bar spat escalates

iPhone 4G bar spat escalates

Tech site Gizmodo's decision to publish pictures of the iPhone 4G that was found in bar could have landed it in legal hot water, reports suggest.

Prosecution could be brought against the tech site by the San Mateo County district attorney's office because of the potential charge that it has paid for a stolen item.

Gizmodo not only paid thousands of pounds for the device, which was found hidden within a fake iPhone 3G shell after last orders at a bar, but also published the details of the Apple employee responsible for leaving the phone behind.

The person who found the phone told The New York Times that they had made many attempts to contact Apple in relation to the lost device before eventually selling it on to the highest bidder.

At the moment, Apple has not reached a decision as to whether to file charges against Gizmodo and the individual who found the iPhone 4G.

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