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iPhone 4G spy shots surface

iPhone 4G spy shots surface

Images apparently showing the next iPhone have been posted on the internet in all their low-resolution, grainy glory.

The iPhone 4G is attracting a huge amount of industry attention at the moment and many sources have already produced their own mock-ups or faked 'spy shots' and 'leaked' images of the yet to be unveiled phone.

The latest pictures were uncovered by MacRumours and suggest that the iPhone 4G will pack 64GB of on-board storage, which is widely believed to be true.

They also indicate that the handset is manufactured in China based on a design formed in the US by Apple and that it will feature a solid aluminium body in the same vein as the HTC Legend.

Even if you discount the images as the work of an enthusiastic amateur, they can be added to the collection of interesting and imaginative projects which have grown up around the next iPhone.

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