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iPhone C64 emulator free today

iPhone C64 emulator free today

App developer Manomio is currently offering its C64 game emulator for the iPhone free of charge, allowing owners of cutting-edge smartphones to turn their handsets into the classic, 8-bit gaming machine.

C64 had been on sale for about £3.30, but Manomio's Twitter account has confirmed that it will be now completely free of charge - for a limited period at least.

The C64 app has been subject to controversy and occasional rejection by Apple because it might be seen to encourage copyright infringement and software piracy.

The title allows users to run classic Commodore 64 games from the 8-bit era, including Paradroid, Wizball and Nebulus, which can be downloaded from the App Store.

Controlling the games is performed using virtual joysticks portrayed visually on the iPhone's touchscreen.

This may feel a little odd for anyone who is familiar with the original C64's joysticks but modern mobile users will be right at home with the responsive controls.

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