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  5. iPhone spoof survey disowned by Phones 4U

iPhone spoof survey disowned by Phones 4U

iPhone spoof survey disowned by Phones 4U

A consumer study that supposedly found that iPhone users are more attractive to the opposite sex than people who own other smartphones has been disowned by high street mobile retailer Phones 4U.

The survey, which was allegedly commissioned by the firm, claimed that women were more likely to be enticed by the owner of an iPhone than someone who had chosen another brand of mobile.

According to the poll, which was reputed to have sought the opinions of over 1500 women, the fairer sex is more interested in iPhone-owning males because they are perceived to be funnier, cleverer and more reliable than their BlackBerry or Android phone-owning rivals.

It was initially believed that the survey was part of an initiative instigated by Phones 4U, but in a press release the firm said that the report and its results were most certainly fake and in no way related to its own operations.

However, it has been discovered that in fact Phones 4U was indirectly involved, because the agency that handles its online marketing was responsible for commissioning the report through a third party vendor.

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