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LG Cookie Fresh GS290 incoming

LG Cookie Fresh GS290 incoming

LG has continued to expand the Cookie range of low cost touchscreen mobiles with the launch of the Cookie Fresh GS290.

The Cookie Fresh features a full touchscreen interface and will come in a number of colourful variants.

The handset’s emphasis on social networking is notable, with LG's SNS Connector providing support for popular social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, straight out of the box.

The Cookie Fresh employs an updated version of LG's proprietary touchscreen interface, which gives users various touch sensitive widgets to arrange on the home screen, as well as LG's LiveSquare contact organising program.

From a technical point of view the Cookie Fresh is fairly basic, with a two megapixel camera representing a step down from the original Cookie KP500’s 3 megapixel offering.

However, in its favour, the Cookie Fresh boasts a standard size headphone socket and a competent multimedia player.

Various networks and retailers will be releasing the Cookie Fresh in the UK, with Vodafone, Tesco and Virgin Media all announcing interest, although the release date is not as yet confirmed.

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