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  5. LG LU2300 surfaces with 1GHz processor

LG LU2300 surfaces with 1GHz processor

LG LU2300 surfaces with 1GHz processor

LG's Android line-up is set to expand with the addition of a powerful smartphone that packs a 1GHz processor and various other alluring features.

The LG LU2300 has appeared in posts online and suggests that LG is moving into the same territory as the Motorola Milestone and the Google Nexus One when it comes to raw power and touchscreen loveliness.

The LU2300 appears to have a full QWERTY keypad and a large display that allegedly supports a native resolution of 800x400. The touchscreen will use capacitive technology, observers believe.

Android 2.1 will be preinstalled, but there are fears that this could be an exclusive for the Asian market, according to a report from fansite Android Guys.

This is because an integrated DMB tuner suggests that the UK is not among the target nations.

The LG GW620 is the only smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer to use Google's operating system thus far and the addition of the LU2300 and other high end mobiles would make sense given the burgeoning popularity of Android mobiles in Europe.

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