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BlackBerry phones get LinkedIn

 BlackBerry phones get LinkedIn

Palm Pre and iPhone users have had LinkedIn on their mobiles for a while now and a version of the popular business social networking site has just been announced for the BlackBerry platform.

LinkedIn is very different to most other social networking sites in that it is designed to provide businesspeople and professionals with a platform for making contacts and selling themselves and so its availability for BlackBerry smartphones could not have come too soon.

The iPhone version of LinkedIn has already enjoyed moderately positive reviews, although it has been described as bland in terms of interface.

This should not concern LinkedIn's power users, who should be more interested in the basic functionality of the app.

The BlackBerry version of LinkedIn is not universally compatible with all of the Research In Motion (RIM) handsets, with the Storm and Storm2 losing out whilst the Curve 8520 [Bold 9700] and Tour can take advantage.

Other than the presumably short-term compatibility limitations, LinkedIn on the BlackBerry platform is apparently as capable as its iPhone and webOS counterparts.

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