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Microsoft renames mobile phone OS

Microsoft renames mobile phone OS

Microsoft has shortened the name of its upcoming smartphone platform from 'Windows Phone 7 Series' to the somewhat snappier 'Windows Phone 7'.

Microsoft took a low-key approach to the announcement, with the mobile world informed of the change via its official Twitter account.

The software giant's Tweet stated: "Tis the season for Series finales. We've got one too – dropping the 'Series' and keeping the 'Windows Phone 7.' Done."

Analysts have noted that the name change for the operating system makes sense for Microsoft, in the respect that it will align it with its desktop-based Windows 7 platform, which most home computer users will recognise.

There is some speculation that Microsoft will choose to further tweak the name of Windows Phone 7 closer to release.

However, given that the media has already chosen a multitude of nicknames, some of which are rather less than complimentary, any superficial changes will be essentially meaningless.

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