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  5. Orange examines mobile phone users' habits

Orange examines mobile phone users' habits

Orange examines mobile phone users' habits

Orange has released the findings of its Digital Media Index Report, looking into how consumers use their mobiles for social networking and handheld gaming.

The study discovered that data usage is up across the board, which will surprise no one. But it also observed some other intriguing trends in the mobile market that might not seem so obvious.

Among these is that although some two million of Orange's users access social networking services from their mobile phones, male customers have 33 per cent more social profiles and sites than women.

Each month one billion social networking pages are visited by the network's customers and 66 per cent of users accessing these sites are male, Orange said.

A total of 650,000 mobile games were downloaded over a three month period and male users prefer time constrained puzzling mixed with action offered by the likes of Tetris.

Conversely, turn-based games, for example Monopoly, or lifestyle titles such as The Sims are preferred by women.

Men were shown to be far more interested in accessing sport-related content and coverage via their mobile and 50 per cent of mobile TV was found to be made up of sports events.

Orange found that Saturdays are typically the most data-intensive day of the week, as people catch up with the latest results on their mobiles.

Searching for juicy gossip and info about celebrities is a popular pastime amongst all mobile users and Orange found that pop princess and national treasure in the making Cheryl Cole is the most searched-for star out there.

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