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Samsung unveils AMOLED Beam phone

Samsung unveils AMOLED Beam phone

Samsung has unveiled its new AMOLED Beam smartphone, complete with an integrated projector and a high end screen.

This phone is a direct successor to the Samsung Haptic Beam, which also had a projector on-board.

The AMOLED Beam boasts a 3.3-inch screen that obviously makes use of Samsung's AMOLED display technology and will also have a five megapixel camera at the rear.

11GB of on-board memory is included and microSD compatibility is there for expandability.

The handset's projector is capable of rendering a screen image that measures 50-inches across and it has a nine lumens rating, which is hardly mind-blowing compared to stand-alone projectors, but is more than acceptable given the fact that this doubles as a fully featured smartphone.

Samsung is currently only planning to launch the AMOLED Beam in its native country of South Korea.

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