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Smartphone app created by BAA

Smartphone app created by BAA

The British Airport Authority (BAA) has announced the first official app for citizens using one of the airports it operates in the UK.

The BAA app is available for both the iPhone and any smartphone based on the Android platform and is intended to be the best place to get flight and international travel information.

Criticisms of the free app have already been made by observers and users, who have said that there is an overly invasive registration process necessary for first time users in which various pieces of personal information are harvested.

Users are asked to provide their mobile number, name, address and email, which to some is deemed to be entirely unnecessary for what is a fairly simple news app.

"We want to make it easy for our passengers to use Heathrow and putting the airport into their hands does this," said BAA's Stephen Glenfield.

The basic version of the app is free to download irrespective of the smartphone being used, but there is a pro version which adds even more features in addition to a price tag.

BAA will also be creating a version of the app to operate on handsets running the Vodafone 360 platform.

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