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UK's best loved mobiles unveiled

UK's best loved mobiles unveiled

The most popular mobile phones to go on sale in the UK over the last quarter-century have been ranked by university researchers.

2000 people responded to a survey conducted by the University of Salford and the iPhone was unveiled as the phone taking the largest proportion of the vote, with 13 per cent of respondents naming it their favourite.

Nokia's 3210 and 6310 came in second and third, suggesting that there is still a lot of love for the world's largest mobile manufacturer.

The Finnish company's handsets took five out of the top 10 places, whilst US manufacturer Motorola held onto three.

"I'm not surprised the iPhone was voted number one – its iconic design has captured the attention of fans across the world." said mobile expert Simon Walsh.

"The Apple iPhone is a design classic and has truly transformed the design of mobile phones. Personally I'm nostalgic for the Motorola StarTAC, which was the world's first clam shell phone but it fell outside of our top ten, being in twelfth place," added Professor Linge, who heads up the Computer Networking and Telecommunications Research department at Salford University.

The ability to alter the plastic covers of the Nokia 3210 were a key factor in making it a hit with the public, according to Professor Linge.

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