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Windows Phone 7 mobile info leaked

Windows Phone 7 mobile info leaked

Technical information about a new Microsoft mobile phone using its upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform has emerged online.

An internal report called the "Architecture Guide for Windows Phone OS 7.0" was somehow obtained from Microsoft by

According to the site, the Windows Phone 7 powered mobile will allegedly come with an 800x480 resolution touchscreen supporting multitouch and a user interface (UI) based around fingertip gestures.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity will also feature, as well plenty of RAM for facilitating multitasking.

An entry-level version of Windows Phone 7 for emerging markets is also supposed to be in the works, but this will reportedly not actually be much of a step down in terms of functionality or indeed price.

Microsoft will be hoping that it will attract customers who already use its LIVE services on their PCs and games consoles over to the new Windows Phone 7 platform, allowing it to compete directly with both Apple and Google in the smartphone market.

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