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  5. Android Fring app enables video calls

Android Fring app enables video calls

Android Fring app enables video calls

Fring has launched a new version of its Android app offering the chance to make video calls to other Fring users on various smartphone platforms.

Fring can encompass the profiles that users have with Google Talk, Skype and instant messaging apps and now allows people to call an iPhone-owning friend in full colour video from their Android mobile, provided they also have Fring installed.

Fring says that its video calling service will only be available if the app can get enough processing power to make the experience smooth. The likes of the Google Nexus One should be fine, but this means that older Android-based smartphones might be left behind.

Fring and Skype go hand in hand, so video calls with Skype contacts should be easily achieved whether users have a Wi-Fi connection or good 3G coverage.

Consumers with unlimited mobile internet deals can use Fring's video calling for free, according to The Register, although the whole concept of video calling has never really taken off in the UK despite being around for many years.

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