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  5. Apple debunks Android sales figures

Apple debunks Android sales figures

Apple debunks Android sales figures

Apple has gone on the defensive in the wake of recent sales statistics which claimed to show the number of Android devices sold in the US had overtaken that of the iPhone.

Research firm NPD published these interesting findings earlier in the week, which have since been dubbed misleading by Apple.

Android mobile phone sales accounted for 28 per cent of the total number of smartphones sold in the first three months of the year, whilst the iPhone was responsible for 21 per cent, according to NPD.

Industry experts were as taken aback as Apple, with most of the opinion that the iPhone would manage to retain its second place in the US smartphone market behind Research in Motion (RIM).

NPD gathered its data from 150,000 respondents via an online survey, which Apple is now claiming to be unrelated to real life sales figures.

Globally the statistics from multiple sources show that the iPhone is almost certainly leading Android-based mobiles by a significant margin.

Apple may have spoken out against the statistics, but it has not countered the claims with any hard evidence to the contrary. The official figures are still some months away from being published.

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