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BlackBerry phones foreseen in 1909

BlackBerry phones foreseen in 1909

Popular Mechanics Magazine foresaw BlackBerry phones near the start of the 20th century, it has been revealed.

In an edition of the magazine published in 1909 the famous scientist Nikola Tesla wrote an article which detailed a portable, handheld device which people would use in the future to send messages to one another across the globe without the need for wires.

Although the current magazine's publishers say that this is a fairly accurate description of the functionality offered by the BlackBerry range, it essentially describes the kind of technology present within almost all modern mobile phones.

Predicting the future of technology has proven to be incredibly tough over the years, with a particularly amusing statement highlighted by current editor Seth Porges.

Mr Porges said: "One of the most famous quotes from our magazine came from an article in 1954 which said that some day computers would weigh as little as one-and-half tonnes."

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