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HTC Desire comes to Orange

HTC Desire comes to Orange

Network provider Orange is set to offer the HTC Desire to its UK customers, with the likelihood being that the excellent Android-based smartphone will win new fans for the network.

The unique selling point of Orange's offering is the fact that it is available in black, which is a welcome change from the brown shell that is the only other option.

The popularity of the HTC Desire is both a help and a hindrance, as its availability is limited and the all-black edition, which is currently open to pre-orders, has already sold out before hitting shops.

HTC has managed to capture mainstream attention with the Desire, although its success is not only down to the fact that it has received storming reviews; a highly visible ad campaign in the national media has also helped.

HTC has made a name for itself over the last 12 months, moving from being an obscure manufacturer of boutique, high-end smartphones, to a firm that is known, trusted and invested in by the general public. Its relationship with search giant Google and the Android platform has without doubt been a significant contributory factor.

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