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iPhone 4G missing new OS?

iPhone 4G missing new OS?

Apple could be releasing the iPhone 4G with version 3.1.2 of the mobile operating system (OS) rather than the latest version 4.0, according to the latest speculation.

It was previously assumed that the iPhone 4G would be launched in tandem with the next edition of the iPhone OS, but it has since been suggested Apple could face legal problems that prevent it from launching the new iPhone with the latest platform on board.

In the US there is a chance that an anti-trust enquiry will be brought against Apple if it does not alter the iPhone OS 4.0 to comply with fair trade legislation, according to OzcarGuide.

There are doubts that last minute alterations would be a route that Apple would take and so a post-launch update to the new platform may be necessary.

The highly anticipated iPhone 4G would be struck a blow if the next generation hardware was not accompanied by the latest software on launch and Apple would have to work hard in order to retain the loyalty of its long-time customers.

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