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  5. More BlackBerry 9800 pics published

More BlackBerry 9800 pics published

More BlackBerry 9800 pics published

The BlackBerry 9800 Slider is the focus of further online speculation after several weeks under the radar, with new details now circulating.

Reports suggest that the 9800 Slider will be the first mobile phone to feature Research in Motion (RIM)'s brand new smartphone operating system (OS).

A series of slightly blurry, low-resolution images of the 9800, which has yet to have an official retail name or launch date, show that a test version of the BlackBerry OS 6.0 is installed and running, complete with an overhauled touchscreen interface.

In previous rumour sessions, the 9800 has been said to sport a five megapixel camera with advanced optics, a slide-out QWERTY keypad that oddly misses out on RIM's famous SureType technology and a host of other technical goodies.

The latest pictures of the smartphone give little more away about its features than had already been hinted at, but BB Leaks suggests that a GSM version of the phone will almost certainly be making its way to worldwide markets, including the UK.

Observers believe that RIM will be launching the BlackBerry OS 6.0 in the early Autumn and as a result most are putting their money on the 9800 Slider arriving within a similar time frame.

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